Something Fishy About this Mermaid

Could The Little Mermaid really "need" restoring (or does Disney want to make a few bucks on a re-release)? Well, it came out nearly 18 years ago—an eternity in the hurry-hurry avalanche that is our popular culture. Are time warps like these creating an agglomerated, undifferentiated cultural past, full of easy nostalgia but without the perspective of history? Let's slow down and take a look.

Truth, Justice and the American Gay

Could an openly gay actor conquer the last bastion of cave-man heterosexuality—Action Movie Star? And if he did, would it be a giant leap forward or an embarrassing stumble back for gay Americans? Find out where the limits of Hollywood's so-called "liberalism" really lie.

Occupation: Dreamland: How the Cow Gets Butchered

Occupation: Dreamland, an important documentary that cuts through many of the layers of misunderstanding about our soldiers in Iraq, is discussed by its co-director and editor Ian Olds and one of its soldier-participants in a lively, fascinating Q&A.

Cowboys and Chorus Boys

Does the Crash Best Picture win over Brokeback Mountain signal a Hollywood backlash against homosexuals? Probably not. And even if it does, there's no turning back now. Read why The Producers' celebration of gay stereotypes deserves as much credit as Brokeback's shattering of same.

What Makes a Movie A Must: "Occupation: Dreamland"

This documentary about one unit of American soldiers in Iraq is harrowing in large part because it's so mundane, with the soldiers offering blatantly honest assessments about what's really happening on the ground. A must-see for hawks, doves and everyone in between.

It's the Theaters, Stupid

Hollywood has a long list of villains to blame for its box-office woes--competition from other media, too many sequels, too many film versions of old TV shows, etc. Might I suggest they also take a look at the actual moviegoing experience? From audience members whose fascinating conversations are barely drowned out by the soundtrack to starting-time lies, it's no wonder more people are waiting for the DVD rather than trekking to the multiplex.

She (Don't) Work Hard for the Money

Wouldn't it be fun if life were like the movies? I don't mean adventures and musical numbers; I mean the way, in some movies, wives abandoned by their breadwinner husbands can keep up a lavish lifestyle with no visible means of support. How do they do that? And what are filmmakers trying to say when they blithely ignore financial reality?

Talking with Sigourney Weaver

Successfully mixing big-budget films (Aliens, Ghostbusters) with theater and off-beat independent fare, Sigourney Weaver has woven a fascinating career--and it's far from over. Learn more about why she still likes the challenge of working without a net.

Talking with Nicole Kassell, Kevin Bacon, Kyra Sedgwick

The director and stars of the controversial film The Woodsman share their views about its hot-button subject, pedophilia, as well as the project's transition from stage to film. In addition, Kevin Bacon feels that acting is a young man's game, and Kyra Sedgwick wants to sing and dance in a Broadway musical.

Can Broadway Musicals Overcome their Money Woes?

Broadway musicals may no longer be central to the nation's cultural life, but what's really hurting them are rapidly escalating production costs (not to mention ticket prices). Can these gems of the Fabulous Invalid escape the inflationary spiral with their wit, humor and good cheer intact?

Gene Stavis: At Home With Films

Film historian Gene Stavis shares his strong, often surprising opinions about his favorite topic, films and filmmakers, in this wide-ranging interview with "Grin's" Adam Blair. Learn why audiences are getting smarter while the general run of films are getting dumber--and louder.

Does CGI Spell B-A-D?

Are the proliferation of computer-generated images messing up movies? They
didn't do any favors for Troy or Van Helsing. Grin without a Cat provides a handy formula to determine if a film should go on a low-CGI diet.

Hollywood Royalty

Strangely enough, you have to read the book The African Queen to appreciate just how great the movie version is.

Talking with Toni Collette

The chameleon from Down Under talks about her films, what she's looking for
from a director and the correct pronunciation of Aussie.

Elephant's Proud Parents

Writer/director Gus Van Sant and producer Diane Keaton discuss the birthing process of Elephant, about a Columbine-style killing.

The Real Man Show

Fight Club exposes our society's masculinity deficit, while Three Kings
and "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" try to right the balance.

Talking with Oscar Brand

In this revealing inteview, folk music legend Oscar Brand says "this country sings more than any country I know."

Endora Was Right!

Find out how "Bewitched" is a feminist manifesto, female wish-fulfillment and a fountain of nose-twitching fun rolled into one.

Flick City

When it comes to moviegoing, Paris is on ze cutting edge.

That's Not Funny!

The current state of film comedy is no laughing matter.

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